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I am new to BTB Pro and have a couple simple questions


Jan 9, 2010
First off I'd like to say hello, I am new to BTB Pro and have a couple questions, Is their a tutorial for the newest BTB Ver that has what all the options in BTB does? next question when I export a track to rfactor it has a bunch of files in the folder how do I narrow that down to the normal files that all the tracks I d/l have?

Thanks for all your help.


Mar 28, 2009
HI, tutorial, mmmm, I do not know, but there are videos that explain the new features quite good, watch help files aswell.

Do you mean to compress them?, there is 3dsimed, another program that is very usefull to make circuits, I recomend you to buy, which this one you can compress files, creating a MAS file. In rfactor cntral you ve got another aplication to create MAS files, I can t remember how it is called, MAS EXPLORER, i think.



Mar 18, 2009
Welcome to the forum!
As regards the tutorial, the only thing available is the help file and a bunch of videos on You Tube. I recommend you watch these a couple of million times and then practice, practice, practice. Oh, and it is also useful to have a short track to try new things out before you implement experiments onto your beautiful 5 km course that has taken you about 100 hours!
As for the files in the track folders, in the RFactorCentral web page there is a program called MAS creator that packs all the necessary files into a neat package.


Jun 6, 2009
What I've found works best for me:
1) Watch the YouTube videos concerning the operation you want to perform
2) Try to replicate and/or extend the operation
3) When you get stuck, go to the help file
4) Ask questions here

Piddy goes quickly in the videos, sometimes at crucial points (like editing the track surface), which means you miss the a minor but important detail. I've always found that important detail in the help file, but sometimes forget to look and end up waiting for an answer here when it was right in front of me all along.

First off, don't worry about all the options. Lay down a short test track (or trace one in Google Earth and learn to import the flat KML). Move the track nodes around and get a feel for the interface. Change the surface material and camber and shape. It's important to be able to finish the track shapes before laying down your final terrain.

Add terrain panels for a few panels out from the track and move those nodes around. Break up the terrain groups and merge them back, hide the unselected groups, and know why you're doing this. Learn how to change and blend the texture.

With some terrain on the track edges, drive modestly on the track to learn what you want to change (add bumps, remove bumps, smooth things out). Since you didn't invest much in that initial terrain, go ahead and delete it and start over now that you've learned more.

Finish the terrain and then start adding objects. Go easy with adding objects, starting with the landmarks and then adding detail as desired. You will be amazed at how adding objects transforms the result.

Back up your projects. Copy them to CD or DVD or a thumb drive. Save different versions (First Track 1, First Track 2, First Track 3), particularly as you move to different operations, so you can more easily undo structural boo-boos (you can do some very ugly things early on without realizing it until you start a later step). Following this practice will reduce future headaches enormously.