I am looking for PC racing game with following features

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  1. kibyde


    - a more sim like driving feel than arcade
    - carreer mode where you can win prize money to buy new cars and parts
    - support for Logitech G27
    - Cockpit view would be nice but is no must have
    - Car tuning (suspension, gears etc.) would be nice but no must have

    - Multiplayer mode is not necessary

    I was eying at NFS shift 2 unleashed with some mods but as it seems the broken driving physic cannot be fully fixed with mods.

  2. FerrariMan96


    1. "A more sim-like driving feel than arcade."
    For a relatively hardcore sim, the contenders would be rFactor 1/2, the pre-Raceroom Racing Experience Simbin games (GTR, GTR2, GTL, Race 07), Game Stock Car, iRacing, Assetto Corsa, Netkar Pro and Richard Burns Rally from what I can think of.

    2. "Career mode where you can win prize money to buy new cars and parts."
    This one's tricky. Long story short, this is a feature most sim games simply don't have. It's a bit like Microsoft Flight Simulator, you just jump in and go with whatever you want. In saying that, these are the games that have anything resembling a career mode:
    - GT Legends (GTL) has a career mode, where you move up the championships/rankings and either buy or win cars along the way (can't remember).
    - Richard Burns Rally (RBR) has a career mode where you win cars and unlock rallies for use in single stages later on.
    - Assetto Corsa is said to be getting a career mode in the future, but any details of any such mode are yet to be released.
    - iRacing has a career mode, but it's a bit different. All the racing is online, and you pay for your subscription, cars and tracks with real money. I know it's not what you've had in mind but I thought I'd mention it anyway.
    Apart from these, most sims also have the ability to make custom championships (either in the game or with external file creation/editing) - not a career mode but enough for me.

    Regarding buying parts - rFactor 1 (don't know about 2) has the ability to "upgrade" the car using in game money, but most mods have prices at $0 or $-1 and use the upgrades mostly for non-performance stuff (e.g. visual stuff, type of gearbox simulated i.e. sequential or H-Pattern).

    3. "Support for Logitech G27."
    Any proper simulator will support this (including all those mentioned above), it's one of (if not the) most popular wheels out there. You shouldn't have any issues here.

    4. "Cockpit view would be nice but is no must have."
    Same as above, any proper simulator I've mentioned so far has it.

    5. "Car tuning (suspension, gears etc.) would be nice but no must have."
    Once again, this is something all of the sims I've mentioned have and it is a feature.
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  3. David Wright

    David Wright

    More sim like than arcade is very subjective. My definition of arcade is MarioKart. So in my view NFS Shift 1 is more sim like than arcade. I haven't tried Shift 2 and I didn't suffer from significant steering lag in Shift 1. If you compare the 911 RSR in Shift (in pro mode or whatever its called) with the 911 RSR in GTR2, you corner at the same speeds, brake at the same points, reach the same speed on the straights and get the same laptime. The difference is Shift is very forgiving over the limit and the sense of speed makes you feel like you are going much faster than you are in a traditional sim, which may confuse some people. My main issue with Shift was the AI.

    I'd recommend GT Legends if you like older cars. The career mode is good and so are the AI if you get the difficulty level right.
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  4. kibyde


    Thanks to both of you. I actually bought Race07 in a recent bundle together with other Simbin titles. The driving is awesome and I play with some assist features on. NFS Shift 1 sounds interesting as well. I will try to get that and test it. I'm no hardcore sim racer. I was able to get GT4 running on my PC with the PSCX2 emulator. It runs pretty well except night courses which suffer from slowdowns a lot.