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Hi lads,

Think they are still working on a site...but you could check out Hybrid racing sims on facebook. They have just completed a formula style rig in 80/20 (look like contained pc within rig) with an osw (own mounting plates and *possibly* their own servo motors made to their specifications) and it's pretty aluminum heavy but looks the businesses. I'm sure someone here will love it.

Sounds like they've got another sim following the same style in the works for a dedicated gt position.

Anyway I bring it up as they may
a.) offer a another servo motor option + mounting gear for my fellow OSw faithful,

b.) there are a few guys here looking for/into 80/20 rigs @Bez @William Geuze - I checked with them they are willing to work out just selling the frames (who knows maybe you can buy the plan and parts list and buy your bits locally, and

c.) some chaps are looking for affordable formula style seating and they have their own seat they've made specially for the formula rig they're showing on their Facebook page and, @Igor Trendafilovski @William Geuze

d.) it appears they have some slick wheel solutions available. @Pär Öqvist

Maybe their local shtieg @AussieStig can look into it and let us know?

Cheers boys


@William Geuze for sure it does, but I recalled you were going through some iterations in order to get to your ideal rig, and thought to tag you in case you saw something you might want to borrow or inquire about with them.

The seat doesn't look like it would be too expensive, and I'm honestly most interested in the servo option as it appears they have their own made for osw guys. I've gone with the lenze but curious what they are having made to their specs.

Also they appear to be another wheel builder who works with osw units so hopefully someone can benefit!
Maybe their local shtieg @AussieStig can look into it and let us know?

Cheers boys[/QUOTE]

Looking into it, have had contact with Brett via their FB page. Will keep you guys posted.

Cheers AussieStig


Thanks Aussie stig! I heard from Brett a few hrs ago about their servo motor, which at least I am most interested in mind sure most here will be too.

I was initially going to go with a mige for my second rig, but Brett says his motor can match peak torque of the mige's and resolution of the lenze. He was tight lipped about the rest of the specs so I'm going to hold off. This may be a good option for me and an excellent slightly above middle ground option for others who won't justify the lenze expenses.

Right on stig
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