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HWiNFO "Power Reporting Deviation" metric & AM4 motherboards

Not ANOTHER AGESA update ... Ive just updated the BIOS and had to start all over again with settings:roflmao:

Beta BIOS.....Gen 3 support perhaps? It was said that would be BETA BIOS only..

That would be nice if true as I've got a Gaming Pro Carbon AC, I'd be surprised if it was the first to get Gen3 support though as the MAX boards with 32Mb BIOS will surely get it before any older 16Mb BIOS board, and they possibly might be the only ones to get it who knows.
It seems a little early for gen 3, likely support for the incoming XT line. Some efficiency improvements would be nice though...

Edit:Agesa news

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Durge Driven

Oclock + undervolt at the same time:thumbsup:

4.1GHz all cores @ IdLe
power hungry :p

Untitled 1.jpg

Durge Driven

I have a HD(1080p) plasma 55" and have often wondered if I should check it out as a sim monitor.
But have allways hesitated because of the higher input lag in TVs compared to monitors.
Maybe I should try it out:)

ByTheWay: Your pics looking extremely good:thumbsup:

TV amazes me because it's cheap panel
It is 6.5ms so say 8ms which should be okay
As I waiting for new rig can't use wheel to test can't say with authority

Scroll to bottom of page you can see tab for specs

Have LG 32" 144 gysnc for rig but yes I wondering same thing about TV now
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