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Featured Hunch Announce 'Multi-Year' F1 Mobile Deal

Discussion in 'Other Racing Games' started by Paul Jeffrey, Dec 20, 2018.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief Staff Premium

    F1 Mobile by Hutch.png
    2019 will see the first fruits of a multi-year deal to bring officially licenced F1 games to mobile devices.

    Moving away from the mobile hosted ports of current gen Formula One games, a new partnership with major mobile gaming giant Hutch and the Formula One group has been announced, revealing plans to release multiple new mobile racing games on Android and iOS platforms from 2019.

    Frank Arthofer, Director of Digital, Licensing and New Business, Formula 1 said:

    “Since Liberty Media’s acquisition of Formula 1, we have sought to establish partnerships that can enrich the experience of fans via innovative digital channels. We see Hutch as a leading mobile game development and publishing partner that can enable and reinforce that initiative, ensuring we engage our expanding, passionate worldwide community of fans.”
    Set to create mobile exclusive software, it will be interesting to see how Hutch, established in 2011 and boasting over 200 million users worldwide will attack the new licence agreement, free from the constrains of porting existing console software to the mobile platform.

    At present no details other than the announcement press release have been revealed, and it remains to be see where this leaves Codemasters and their recent forays into mobile gaming with the popular F1 franchise created initially for console and PC.

    Watch this space...

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  2. E304LIFE


    Gaming on a phone?....hmm, nope, not me.

    Re-runs and movies on a phone..ya, sure.
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  3. racetobi


    If F1 from Codemasters keep existing idc:)
  4. I am Larsen

    I am Larsen

    Looking at the games Hutch has already made, i do not have any expectations. Its all just free games with microtranactions...
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