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Huge fps drop in the middle of a race.

Discussion in 'Formula Truck 2013' started by Antonio Crinò, Aug 26, 2013.

  1. Antonio Crinò

    Antonio Crinò

    Hi guys!

    Yesterday night I was running my first offline race on Formula Truck. 15 laps at Londrina with 24 opponents.

    The game ran very smooth over 120fps, but around the 12-13th lap the fps dropped down to 18-25 fps, this continued for 1- 1,5 laps, then I paused the game and returned to windows to check the temperatures but all was ok, and far from the limit of my PC (I run with vsync on), when I returned to the game all returned ok, 120+ fps.

    Then I rechecked the temperatures, during all the race the max temp of my GPU was 64°C, and I did a stress test for more than 15 minutes with Intel Burning Test and the max temp reached by the CPU was 77°C (with the lower fan speed on my H100 liquid cooler; with the middle speed max 73°C).

    Is that happened to some of you?? This is the first time it happens on my pc, I already race with iR and never got this problem.

    My pc spec:
    i5 3570k (stock) + h100 cooler
    asus gtx 660 ti (stock)
    8gb corsair ram
    p8z77v pro motherboard
    corsair gt series SSD
    corsair tx750 power supply