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GTR2 HUD plugins for GTR2 ! FazerBox GID...someone made it work ?

Hi Guys
I created a previous topic explaining i try to modify the hud in GTR2 because the HUD doesn't suit me to ingame triple screen.
GTR233 guided me to Fazerbox GID which is initially a plugins HUD for Rfactor.
I was using it long times ago on Rfactor and it would be indeed the perfect HUD for ingame triple screen.
Unfortunately i did not make it works on GTR2. I tried several version, in particular the last one the 1.1.5, of course i have the '1' in plr in write shared memory. I was using it on the computer i now play GTR2 and it worked on Rfactor, i mean i have all the Java stuff installed... or maybe the java stuff was for 'rfDynHUD'...i don't remind.
I read it is possible to make it works on 'stock car' game with a handling rename the *.exe to Rfactor.exe. Tried this handling on GTR2 but without success.
Does anyone already made it works on GTR2 ? Do you have ideas to make it work on GTR2 ?

Thanks for your help


While I like GID I would also recommend you trying Simhub.
It has improved a lot for Gtr2 with the last few updates.
Not sure how it works in triple screen?