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HPP JBV Clutch hanging upon return. Is it normal?

Looking to get some feedback from other HPP JBV owners. My Clutch hangs on the cam and when I release it, it hangs long enough for my foot to momentarily lose contact with the pedal. The the pedal finally releases off the cam, it slaps me in the foot. Here a couple of videos. One slow motion, one actual speed.

Clutch Slap - Slow Motion

Clutch Slap - Realtime

Is this normal, or is there an issue with mine? I don't know anyone else with a set that I can compare with.

I know clutch feel is highly subjective, but I find this "clutch slap" extremely distracting. It definitely does not feel realistic at all.

It's a shame because the brake and Accelerator feel amazing. The press of the clutch feels amazing, for that matter. Unfortunately , the release... Not so much.