How would you go about creating great custom helmets?

Mar 23, 2020
Hi everyone. New to the game and the modding community. I've recently discovered you can create helmets. I have little photoshop experience (but I do own it) and I'm struggling to create this kind of helmet (I dont want to replicate it exactly - chiefly, replace AGV logo with Alfa logos and get rid of flag/"thriller").

I'm using Jburon's template, which is Devon Butler's helmet, but I don't quite understand how to go from that base to this very different looking design. Where do I source the texture, the shapes, etc.? Also, that template makes it nearly impossible to place a logo (or anything) where the AGV logo is (middle-top of helmet) in the pic. Is there a workaround? Or is it just trial and error? Cause I've been trying for 2hours to place an Alfa logo there and I'm getting nowhere near adequate (and frankly adequate won't cut it). I saw gallus' attempt at placing the logo there, and it's impressive but still not faultless...

I've watched a few Krisdix vids, and I've only seen him use pre-made designs.

How do you go from a basic design/wireframe and end up with a masterpiece? What are the steps? Even just tips would be appreciated.

D: Pls help.