How to use your car skin online

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Patrick Giranthon, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. Patrick Giranthon

    Patrick Giranthon

    If your opponents don't have your skin on their PC, the game will crash.
    So, here is a tutorial to avoid this...

    1 - Save your UIData folder located in GSC folder.
    2 - Download xUI : ... I_v1.80.7z
    3 - Unzip onto UIdata folder of GSC.

    Now, you have to put your skin in an existant team. In example RCM Motorsport.
    4 - Go to C:\GSC\GameData\Vehicles\StockV8\RCM Motorsport\
    5 - Create a folder named Skins
    6 - Put all your dds files into it (the dds created for your skin).
    7 - Launch the game. Looks like another game, but it is the same! (Now you can setup the FFB precisely).
    8 - Select the team where you have put your skin.
    9 - above the car, there is "skin" on the right. Now there is the name of your private skin. Select it and go online...


    10 - If bothered by the new design, erase the UIdata and put the old one.

    Now you can race with your skin even if the others don't have it on their pc...

    I hope it is clear...
  2. Carlos José Gonçalves

    Carlos José Gonçalves

    I could not, the game does not error when I enter the car has new paint, I can see the car paint, but others see a different color.
    I'm not doing it right.
    The original game UIData folder must be placed inside the game folder and another folder that was downloaded from this link, you have to go to the place of the original, or have to merge the two folders of files in one folder or is otherwise way.
    Sorry, but I do not know English, I used the google translator.
  3. Patrick Giranthon

    Patrick Giranthon

    Save your UIdata.
    After this, put the new UIdata in the root of the game. Overwrite files!

    Is it clear for you?