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  1. Chris

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    maxresdefault.jpg Welcome to the modding discussions forum. This is the place for all you fantastic modders to announce and discuss (and build hype! :p) your upcoming projects.

    Before you get started, there are some things you should know:
    1. All threads must be in accordance with our Terms of Service.
    2. At the very least, a screenshot of some kind should be placed at the top of each OP to show that progress has in fact started. Please do not just open threads and announce that you're going to be working on something without actually having anything to show for it. This is a recipe for abandon-ware.
    3. You'll notice that we have a 'Prefix' system that you can choose to assign to your thread depending on what you're creating. Please note that you can filter by prefixes if you only want to see one category of mod (i.e. Cars). To do this, simply click on the blue prefix and boom. Sorted.
    4. Finally once your mod is completed and ready to be released to the public you can upload it right here and share your work with the rest of the Assetto Corsa Community.
    Thank you and happy modding :D
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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