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How to stop rFactor minimise crashing on alt+tab

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Robert Woodward, Dec 6, 2010.

  1. Robert Woodward

    Robert Woodward

    I found a nice program called Actual Window, it gives you the ability to modify windows, save desktop icon positions etc... you make profiles for each program on your pc by selecting the .exe file and you can edit how windows open, close, resize, the position they open in... there is an option "called ignore deactivation" in the window start up tab, what this does is it makes it so that the program never loses focus in windows which means it doesn't think its minimised so you can alt tab and instead of minimising to desktop, your windows and task bar show up infront of rFactor. this way the game wont alt+tab crash :)

    One small warning, its not totaly bug free, some programs dont accept it and crash as soon as you open them, but no biggie. you can just open it when you use rFactor and close it again after.

    I also found a way to improve the fps in the game by quite a lot. normaly the game runs on only one of your CPU cores (if you have a multi core) so if you go in task bar and right click it and click on CPU affinity you can make it run on both, made my fps go from 130 maximum to 300 maximum and minimises start line lag in races.
  2. Dave Oliver

    Dave Oliver

    Or just run the game in windowed mode, and hide the bar.
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