How to start with rFactor?

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Jul 7, 2008
After getting a download of 1GB without errors I was able to install the demo. Hated the 60 minute limit. Tried to get online but got booted right after joining each server. Couldn't find options in the nonintuitive menu. Customizing controls caused the brake not to work. And when I finally drove a car, it felt like crap. Not realistic at all. (comparing it to GTR2 and Race 07) Since rFactor seems to popular I must be doing something wrong. Please give me some hints before I waste all my minutes.

Warren Dawes

Mar 1, 2007
Please give me some hints before I waste all my minutes.
Erhm, you don't want to waste minutes, but you ask such vague and general questions that we have to spend hours trying to provide huge amounts of info.
It would help us a lot if you could be more specific about what your problem is, what you did when getting kicked, any messages shown.

Theo de Bruin

Nov 24, 2007
Yes, what Warren said...

But I understand you are running the demo? But even if you don't it's no surprise you get kicked from servers as most servers (if not all) will be running some kind of mod you propably don't have installed.

Go to rFactor Central - Community Driven Sim Racing Resource for rFactor by ISI | rFactor Car mods, rFactor Tracks, Car Setups, rFactor Screenshots and check out the Hall of Fame, there you'll find the most popular mods (but you can only install mods if you have the full version of rFactor).

As for the other problems, like Warren said you'll have to provide us with some more info.
Jul 7, 2008
I don't need help troubleshooting. I will eventually get my stuff to work. I realised later that it must have been mods that kicked me off since I don't have 'm. It did load up and into the game though, for 1 second. My problem is the game itself. You start out with a car and 5 mil $. I drove the car a little and it doesn't feel real. It feels slow, unresponsive, stiff. Nowhere near GTR2 and Race 07. Is it just something to warm up to or do I need to change settings to improve it? I've heard of a realfeel mod or something, and perhaps some of the mods you mention feel way different with different cars, I don't know. I'm just nowhere near impressed right now and am lost as to what to try to find fun in this game. On top of that I had 60 mins to find my way around. I understand that I come across vague but that's because I can't put my finger on what exactly is disappointing me. Mainly the driving experience though. Hope that helps.

Jens Hoeppner

Feb 19, 2008
the demo does not show what potencial the game really offer...
the standard cars feel %&&(/)+# (blubb), i have tryed the demo but got the most information in the web and by other players (and of course here by RD :becky: ). so many good statements about the game couldnt be wrong i think. i bought this game in march08 and with the lot of mods etc. is this a excellent game. this is my opinion :wink:

english grammar 4teh win ^^
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