How to setup splitter and packers?


Alan Chan

I know the usage of SPLITTER is same as rear wing
but i don't how to adjust it ..

And i also want to know what is the usage of packers and how to adjust it

Thanks for answering my question :clap:

Alan Chan

Thanks for ur advice.

As the setup guide did not teach
any about Splitter and Packers
So i ask for help here..

Matt Alpeter

i don't know what packers are, but the splitter is just the front downforce. most cars you can't adjust it, but for those you can, the higher the number, the more downforce on the front.

Tim Ling

It's a million-to-1 chance, but it just might work
Aug 28, 2008
So packers are used to give more ride height with the same length of suspension travel? Why not just change the ride height?

Neil Gault

Feb 21, 2008
Grabbed from the GTR2 Owners handbook
Packers - Adjusts the number of packers. Extra spacers are put in to adjust how soon
the bumpstops come into play to limit downward travel of the chassis. The more packers,
the sooner and more effective the bumpstops will be at limiting travel, though they can
cause chassis instability over bumps and heavy vertical G-force corners - like Spa’s Eau
Rouge. Use only if necessary as a last resort to avoid chassis scraping

Alan Chan

How does splitter cooperate to rear wing ?
And how to feel the car have ground contact?
Aug 26, 2008
How does splitter cooperate to rear wing ?
Sports car wise, for most tracks leave it on 2, but for fast tracks like Monza I normally put it on 1.

And how to feel the car have ground contact?
If you have FFB wheel should feel it, or you can hear a sound effect when the car bottoms out. Another way is to go into a different view where you can see the car and watch it as you go over bumps or watch replay and watch for sparks :good:

Sam J Simpson

Jan 1, 2007
@Tim, because most, if not all, GT cars have flat bottoms and diffusers fitted so that it will make more downforce the lower the car is to the track surface up to a point, you would then use packers\bump stops to keep the car from bottoming out on bumpier bits which would remove the ground effect, can make the car real nervous if you over do it because you effectively remove the suspension's travel distance so much that the car cannot transfer it's weight front/back the amount it needs to when under acceleration/braking, if you are a kerb rider it can be lethal for the same reason, classic example is setting car up for the Mulsannes with minimum wing/splitter, minimum ride height and packed up to the max so it don't lose speed scraping it's butt over the bumps then having to baby it through the bendy bits, everything has to be a compromise.


Alan Chan

i have FFB wheel
is the feel like the wheel shaking ??
if the car have ground contact
i should use packers or increase the ride height ?
Feb 17, 2008
sometime on tracks like the green hell or LeMans a few packers are not bad but keep it low like max 0.5 but they are somehow the last possible way you should use
as sayed befor they can make the car near undriveable if you overdo it, more ridehide rise the centerpoint of the car and can make it unstable therefor you want to keep the car as low as possible
if you feel you cant rise the ride high anymore cuz the car will be unstable you can start add some packers
but mostlikely you can skip packer if you just rise your Spring rate a bit

Alan Chan

Is splitter adjust little amount of down force
for rear wing adjust large amount of down force

* i am now setting FBMW

Matt Alpeter

no..the splitter is front down force, the rear wing is rear down force.

..the splitter is just a "wing" on the front of the car

and if your car bottoms out, you will feel a big hit on your wheel.

Alan Chan

My expression made a mistake
As FBMW splitter has lot of deg i can adjust
i don't know how to compromise between rear wing.