How to select pit stop options

Dec 14, 2008
Morning everyone,
I`m being really daft here, but i`ve lost my manual when moving house :party2:.

I can get into the pits and get the menu up, but how do i select the different options on the menu, i.e. repairing damage etc,
thanks in advance,

Pieter Theron

Mar 12, 2009
Good you asked because I had to retire the other night after noticing I was still on qualification fuel and couldn't take any fuel in during the 10lap race meaning and DNF :(

lol even on quali setup I was still last by lap 5 when the fuel run out :rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:

Side Note: Does this game come with a comprehensive maual? I have the steam version and can't seem to find any pdf on my local maching..