How to save and watch replays with RSRBR2010

Warren Dawes

When using RSRBR2010, you can save replays for later viewing. When you finish a Stage using Play Alone or On-Line (Public Session), you will be given an option to Save Replay in the Menu list before returning to RSCenter. Just give the replay a name and save it, but make sure you take a note of any car, weather, track surface options you used for the Stage run.

To view the replay, you need to launch RBR using the "Launch Richard Burns Rally SSE" button.
Before launching, make sure that you have the car, weather, Stage, track surface options set to the same settings used in the Replay. If not, the replay may not run, or will show wrong weather.

After launching RBR, select the MULLIGATAWNY profile, scroll down to Driver Profile, select Load Replay, load your Replay and watch your car in action.
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