How to Retrieve Results from the RSRBR Server

Warren Dawes

This tutorial shows how to retrieve Rally results from the Server after completion of a Rally. It is aimed at those who have set up a Rally on the Server (eg. a Racedepartment Rally Event).

Please Note: If you have set up a Passworded Rally, you will be the only person with access to the results for all drivers in that Rally.

Unfortunately, the Server does not compile a summarised Result for all Drivers listing their Stage times (as per the Racedepartment Results ). The Server separately retains Stage Times, as well as an overall Rally time.
Results are usually available shortly after the completion of the Rally, usually less than 1 hour.

Retrieving Stage Times

1. Firstly, open RSCenter and go to Public Sessions.
2. Click Public Sessions. This opens the RSRBRLive website. Make sure you are logged in.
3. Scroll down the list to find your Rally.
4. Clicking on the Rally Name, will open a screen with a list of the Stages in that Rally.
5. Click on the first Stage to open the times for that Stage.
6. Record the times using whatever method you prefer. (I usually just take a screenshot).
7. Go back to the previous screen (the list of Stages).
8. Repeat for each Stage of the Rally.
9. When you reach the last Stage of the Rally, you can access the Overall Rally Times by clicking the little icon on the right of the Header bar. Look for the one that looks like a magnifying glass (the left hand one).
10. Record the Overall times (again, I use a screenshot).

You now have all the information needed, Driver Names, Cars Used, Stage Times, Overall Rally Times.

You can now compile the results into a suitable format to present the Rally Results. I use a spreadsheet, manually adding the data from my screenshots, and compiling the final Result. I also allow the spreadsheet to calculate the drivers result from his individual stage times, and use the Server Overall result as a cross check to verify all was correct.

Hope this helps.

Refer to the attached screenshots to see the details.


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