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How to remove add-on material from your pc and race with a clean machine

Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
Staff member
Dec 26, 2006
Hi all,

Especially for league racers i suggest driving your game on a clean install to avoid problems with unproperly made modifications etc.

I always race on a clean machine when i have a league race to avoid unwanted trouble.

How to clean up your game without losing setups and control settings?
  1. Close Steam and write down your login name and password
  2. Go to your Steam folder and remove both the *.blob files:
  3. Go to your RACE 07 folder and delete all files and folders but NOT the folder called UserData:
    X:\Steam\steamapps\yoursteamname\race 07
    this will remove all customskins, custom tracks, custom cars and don't do this if you don't want to loose any content you downloaded. This is my personal thingy of starting with a clean machine
  4. Start Steam
  5. Enter login name and password
  6. Steam will now update your game again and you are ready to race
This updating will only take a few seconds because you do not remove your core game files. I see people reinstalling their game all the time which can be very timeconsuming with a slow internet connection. This should not take more then a few seconds :victory:

Lee Downham

Jun 16, 2008
Never done the above but sounds bob on, thanks for the guide Bram :clap:

An alternative suggestion to step3's deleting of all that lovely content you have probably spent a lot of time and effort acquiring would be to move the contents of the Race07 folder somewhere else (remembering to leave a copy of the Userdata folder in place as Bram said).

After the league races you can then reverse this process (and even move your clean league content to another folder for future use), thus quickly switching between your modded and clean/league race07 "installs":wink2:

Also - just in case ... if you do delete the contents of the Race07 folder, you will lose all addon tracks and skins, so make sure you have copies to hand of the skin packs and any tracks you require for the league races (eg. Mid-Ohio).

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