How to remap G920 wheel

Eagle Beak

Jan 21, 2019
Bottom line up front: I am working with a game that has some controls that you cannot redefine. Therefore, I need to find a method to change the G920's input to the program.


I am determined to get the game Shift 2 to work with my G920's H-shifter. The lack of support for modern wheels has plagued Shift 2 gamers for years, and when I solve this, I'm going to post my results on various forums to help others.

Luckily, most of the controls can be redefined in the game. However, gear selections cannot be redefined. The game supports the older G25 and G29 shifters with a default button layout that is buried in the games' coding. However, the older controllers have buttons have a different numbering system than the newer G920. So, when I use my shifter, I am actually hitting random buttons like "change view", etc.

Methods I've attempted:
1. I have looked for a config file in the game's directory to try and redefine the buttons. I found a folder with .xml files that are default control layouts for the various old controllers that the game supports. However, editing these seems to have no effect.

Therefore, I concluded that, without getting a degree in game programming/coding, my only option is to change the input that my controller is sending to the game.

2. The Logitech Gaming Software does not allow redefining buttons.

3. I've also tried using a new controller config in Steam's Big Picture Mode, however Steam does not recognize my G920 (which makes no sense, because it is essentially an Xbox controller with more buttons).

4. I tried was searching the LGS program files to see if I could find a config file. No luck.

5. I recently found that LGS has a scripting function, and I've looked up a few tutorials, however I've seen no examples of scripts that change one button input to another.

If anyone has another method to try, or is able to help me with scripting, please let me know. Thank you!

(Full transparency, I've also posted this question on a Steam forum. I feel it is necessary to cast a wide net on this niche issue.)