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How to put simple texture at the end of the map and others

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by asasinuxp, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. asasinuxp


    How I can put some simple texture high definition in the end of the map, or in any place?Only texture.And how can I make a window for a house,like those from Lienz(Racer version),and(finally) how can I put traffic light synchronized,and maybe pedestrians(but this is more complicated,to look realistic). Thanks for other answers, I hope you can help me for this,how much you've helped me,I think I will put this forum in Credits.
  2. ThreeDays


    I think you should open several threads, one for each problem, but I'll try and solve what I can anyway.

    I'm not very sure what you mean about putting a single high-definition texture. Do you want to put a wall with the texture? Walls can be used for many things so, without knowing exactly what you mean, I would say try with walls. Or do you mean using a texture as the background image to blend your terrain with? If that's the case, the button you need to use is the third from the left, the one with the little map of Australia. Select the image you want with the + sign and then blend it with your material in the Materials button.

    As for the window, your best bet is to create the whole object, window and all, in Sketchup or any other 3d editing program, and import it directly into BTB.

    There are a number of XPacks in the download section with people that could be used as pedestrians. I don't recommend trying to get them to move, though. That could be incredibly hard and tedious to programme and would eat up FPS like there's no tomorrow.

    As regards the synchronised traffic lights, that's another complicated one to solve. I'm not very sure (or, rather, I have no idea :D) how to do it, so I'll let the pros. I imagine you would need to use an animation, but I'm not sure.
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