How to of ARCA Sim Racing

Feb 19, 2007
Hello all,

Since this weekend we have recieved a lot of new faces on ARCA monday, which is great. But I guess most of the time some of you are guessing what it all means. Well with this I will get a bit on the basic.
btw keep an eye on this thread as it might get updated here and there

Lucky Dog
When a caution comes up and all the cars passes the finish line, in most cases a message will come up saying "Lucky dog, <name> passes all car" or something like that. This means that when the caution fell and the first person who is 1 lap down of the leaders, will get the opportunity to pass everyone and get back on the lead lap. Don't ignore this and use it, as it will give you a new chance to get back on top :))

Pit open for lead lap cars
During a caution and getting near the pit entry, you will hear your spotter say those words. This means that if you are on the same lap that the lead lap car is, then the pitroad is open for you. But if you are 1 or more lap down, then you must wait 1 more lap before you can enter the pitroad.

How to:
Most of the times some of you will have problems pitting in, during the green flag stops or during caution. This might lead to accidents on the pit road. There is a way to pit in to avoid accidents.
When you enter the pit, stay as far right of the pitroad that you can. You will notice that keeping on the far right there will be a white line on your left side. This line has a meaning.
Keep on the right until you are a couple of seconds away from you pitstall.
And after you are done with your pit and begin accelerating, this time try to keep on the left side of the white line for a while and until you are clear on your right side, then merge to the right. For a small group of cars (10 cars or so) it might not be that significant to do that, but if you are racing with 20+ cars on track, then it might be best to do this to avoid any incidents.

Pit exit
I'm pretty sure some of you wonder on wth can I begin accelerating when I exit corner. Especially considering there is no speed limiter and/or automatic speed limiter disconnection and/or even a good pit light at exit. I know I do pay a lot more attention now, or at least try to (especially considering that my 4 of the last 5 races I had a pitspeed violation lol). Well there is always an object that you can or must pay attention when getting out of pit (this goes especially for pit lane on big tracks that actually do not have a pit wall on the right side).
When you exit a pit lane, pay attention on the right side for a cone that is placed on the right edge of a white line. That is the line that marks the end of the pit lane. From here you can begin accelerate. But be careful for not spinning the tires on the exit, especially in 1st gear.
On short tracks you just need to pay attention on where the pit wall on the right side ends. That end also marks the end of the pit lane, that is unless there is a white line and a cone on the right side after the end of the right side pit wall. Then the end of the pit lane will be again the white line.

Gareth made already a great tip on this
check it out here:

Draft / Bumpdraft
Drafting plays a bigger role in Stock Car Racing than any other sort of racing form.
It helps in getting faster and even save fuel on long runs, but keep to much in draft does tend to overheat the engine (depending on your engine opening)
Bumpdrafting is used on super speedways like Daytona & Talladega.

For bumpdrafting, check the discussion here
Nov 16, 2008
I want also to ask a question. when I run on a nascar league with the add on SCE on rFactor, when we were in the lap for the restart, the 1st driver stay at the right behind the safety car, the 2nd behind the 1st, the 3rd behind the 2nd and so on. And on the left line, we have the first car at one lap or more, behind him the 2nd car at one lap or more, and so one. Something like that :

But in 2009, in the official sprint cup, the rules has changed. The 1st car can choose the in line or the out line and the car behind put themself like a F1 grill.
Something like that :


I saw the thread "How to : restart?",
The answer seems to be the first proposal, but I want to know what rule is use now.
Feb 19, 2007
It is ARCA...and in the game it still has he same old rule
lapped cars line up on the inside and lead cars on the outside :wink:
I think if it is changed, then TSF will sure let us know :)

Ivo Simons

Apr 15, 2009
Thanks for the guide Chris. One question is there a "best" wheel rotation for the sim. Or is 900 degrees with 30 lock also gonna work? Or do you recommended something else for the sim. :)
Feb 19, 2007
ah locks
It all depends on the track actually
a 900 degrees of steering wheel does let you get confy with it, but in ARCA locks do play an important role.
Lets say a short track or road course needs a whole lot more steering lock than a a track like Texas, Milwaukee or Kansas....and Daytona and Talladega needs a lot less steering lock....because it all depends on how much you need to turn the wheels on the track and the banking
for me using a 400 degrees of steering rotation used for example only 11.5 degrees of steering lock at ARCA mountain....and around 6 or 5 degrees on Talladega.
What I try to get the feel on all track is the feeling that I need to turn the wheel a lot. Using to much steering lock on a big oval does make the car a bit unstable at turning and even using to much tires.....

In a way, steering lock does make a difference in setup the car for steering response

Ben Tusting

Mar 5, 2008
I use 400 degrees and go between 6 and 11 degrees of lock(11 on the tighties mostly) but if i have low lock ( 6 ) i will change my wedge (put that at about -2 to -3)

Cause when i first got Arca i was trying to use the same rartion as race 07 (17 and 400) which was awful as i would get loads of undertseer as i was steering way to much

Ivo Simons

Apr 15, 2009
Oke thanks guys i will try it out. :)
Any idea how much steering rotation and ratio they use in real life? :)

Dustin Barton

Oct 5, 2008
How do I make adjustments to my car? I'm loose as hell at Fort Worth, can barely manage a 30:124.

EDIT: Nevermind, found it (duh). No idea what to adjust, is there a settings guide?
Feb 19, 2007
I had a great setup site that i used in the passed, but now it is unreachable.

I will see if I can make something, although I suck here with setup
one thing that you can always adjust during pitstop is wegde adjustment. to help correcting loose or tight condition of the car