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How to mount a USB handbrake and shifter to Playseat Challenge DIY

I found some pics on my phone of my old setup and my DIY solutions to mounting my handbrake and gear selector so figured id post them on here in case it's of use to anyone else.

Please bear in mind this was my first proper project so there are some issues that need to be fixed.

Here some pics of the finished project.

My main goal was to be able to have it fold up like it does normally and to make no alterations to the chair. It's also worth mentioning I got all my metal and the cutting for free through my university so costs will be different for you.

I don't think I can attach files here so PM me if you want them.

Hardware needed

3 x motorcycle mirror mounts 10mm thread 22m (s/o to u/Corbotron_5 for the idea)

3 x M10 x 25mm bolts

Some kind of thread-making tool as the mounts don't work with bolts so you need to make a new thread in there.

12 x washers for the bolts (they are too long so I had to put 2 washers on either side.

4 x M8 x 20mm (Socket cap hex head) (handbrake mounting)

4 x M8 flanged lock nut (handbrake mounting)

2 x M6 x 18mm bolt (for shifter mounting)

Some rubber strip or tape to protect the Playseat from the mounts

and of course some basic tools

Handbrake Mount

I created this plate for the handbrake mount. The handbrake holes should fit all universal handbrakes. I got mine from aliexpress and based the measurements off that. The mounting holes were based on me putting 3 mounts to attach it to the curved bar but I didn't know how to measure this accurately so I held a piece of paper behind and used a pencil to trace the curve then separated it into smaller squares to figure out the correct shape. Due to this the third hole cannot be used and the mount literally fits one section perfectly. It cant be moved further down but I found that spot to be perfect anyway as any lower and the middle bolt for the handbrake would make contact with the gear shifter. In the end it worked out as I used the third hole as a cable management point. It still was very strong and had 0 flex when pulling the brake.

Here's a flat view of the plate. I cut it out of 3mm mild steel using a water jet cutter so the edges were clean. I then painted it with 3 coats of black paint followed by 3 coats of clear coat. Not everyone has access to a water jet cutter nor would it be cost-effective so if you get it laser cut just take your time on sanding down the edges so you get a nice clean finish.

Shifter mount

At the time I was using a G29 with a shifter so my measurements are based on that. Again I did a basic job of measuring and due to that, the plate is a little shorter than it should be. this means that I have to angle it slightly but this wasn't a problem for me. If you wish to fix this just add 1cm of length to the piece before the small holes. If I can bother ill do this myself although I can't cut it to check it's correct.

Here's the flat view I know there are solutions for this already but it didn't sit right with me to spend £20 on a plastic shifter mount. Same as above cut out of 3mm mild steel and painted. This is (like the handbrake mount) rock solid and doesn't move at all once bolted in tightly. I did find that it pushed into my legs when I opened the wheel bar thing to get out but that's a minor inconvenience.

Putting it together is simple. You just prep the area with rubber or tape then install the motorcycle mount. ( some force is required for this and the mount will be very tight hence why we put the rubber to prevent any damage) Then screw the metal mount into the hole of the motorcycle mount after which you attach the handbrake/shifter.


Material + cutting - Free

Motorcycle mounts - £8 (had to buy 2 packs of 2)

Fittings - £8

Tap & die set - £11

Paint - £3

Total cost (for me) - £21

I don't have any more pics as I sold this whole setup a year ago but feel free to ask any questions and ill do my best to help.