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How to match my steering wheel with virtual wheel

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Norwegian Racer, Jun 23, 2015.

  1. Norwegian Racer

    Norwegian Racer

    I can not for the life of me get the virtual wheel to match my wheel. Yesterday it bloody works, but not today.
    The settings are the same. I recalibrated everything in case something got messed up.
    I am using a g25 with h-shifter and clutch.
    Profiler is set to 900 degree rotation, allow game to adjust, blah,blah,blah.
    Ingame is set to 900 degree, 450 is maxed out in the view section.
    But the game refuses to recognise this, and it`s driving me nuts. I can`t drive when the virtual wheel don`t mach mine, too distracting. No, I`m not turning it off either.
    Any suggestions?
  2. xnorb


    Does it match up with the movement of the wheel in the controller settings?
    (If i'm not mistaken in the bottom left it shows you how far left / right you steer on that slider thingy)
  3. Joao Alves

    Joao Alves

    Turn off the 'Virtual Steering Wheel Rotation Limit'. Put the slider all the way to the left. The way that you have it now, the wheel will only turn 450 degrees.
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  4. Radu Oros

    Radu Oros

    Not all cars have 900º rotation, some have less, some have 900, and some have more. If you are worried that your physical wheel keeps rotation while the car animation steering wheel stops rotating, then worry no more. It's as designed currently, what's missing is a soft lock feature that would make your physical wheel stop rotating once the car animation steering wheel also stops rotating. But even without the soft lock, everything is right if you have 900 in logitech and 900 in game.
    Are you talking about input/visual delay between your physical wheel and the car animation wheel?

    About the virtual steering degrees in view section, is there for wheels which have maximum 900º. So that cars like the ferrari f40 and ruf yellowbird which have a higher steering rotation than 900 will have the animation limited to 900. But don't worry, this doesn't change the steering lock. The steering lock is only influenced by the degrees you put in the steering degrees under the steering axis. This value should match with how much your physical wheel turns.
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