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how to manage multiple wheels in AC?

hi all, am wondering if anyone can successfully swap between USB steering wheels?

i tried to swap 2-3 steering wheels in AC, but it seems AC doesn’t work or recognize by a “specific hardware identification number” meaning, when i change the steering wheel, i have to reassign the shifters, rotaries and buttons every time. even when i save each steering wheel as its own profile in AC, there is problems when swapping out steering wheels.

does anyone know of a work around or specific way to have AC understand there is multiple steering wheels.

thanks all for your help.


I make my own wheels, and generally do a set up using content manager and save it as a preset. That way when I switch out a gt3 rim for my F1 or LMP style rims I just swap and activate the preset. Not sure I could do it with plain AC though, but content manager is defintely worth the few quid.


The problem is the "hardware identification" AC uses can change, as it uses a unique ID generated by usb, not something global to all devices of that kind. I believe the main thing that helps is to ensure they're always plugged into the specific usb port that the device goes with, but sometimes (like on my old DFGT) it'll still be generating different IDs every time it's plugged in.