How to make an F1 Mod for Rfactor?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Collin, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. Collin


    Hi im a very big fan of F1 and would like to turn my hand at making a mod for rfactor. As im totally unexperienced at making mods im looking for some advice....

    E.g whats softwear, how to do it and how hard is it?

    I understand there will be alot of work to go into it but i really want to see if i can make one myself?

    Thanks for any help in advance.

  2. Wayne Swan

    Wayne Swan

    1. You need to try and find some blueprints for the car you wish to make.

    2. You need to get a 3D model program to make it in 3dsmax would be better for you to use as there are many youtube guides that will teach 80% of what you will need. There is a free program that is like max but I dont know how good it is.

    3. Tones and tones of time. Your looking at a good 3 months at least to get a good model out.

    I would say to you if you are just starting out you would be better to start with a tin top as there is not as much work. That way you will learn more of what needs doing and move on from theer.
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