How to make a handbrake with a transducer *cheap*


Nov 13, 2017
Video of the handbrake working:
Get ready for abunch of spelling mustakes also lol

Sketch for arduino (ty battlegear)
Things you will need:

3/8 -24 inverted to 1/8 (dont get on ebay its really expencive i got mine at advanced auto parts):|parentrq:6b7c3b521670ac1d368f7454fffbd996|iid:1

1000PSI Transducer:

Arduino pro micro:

Fluid reservoir:

Hydraulic handbrake:

Arduino IDE
Thread seal
Soldering iron
Micro USB Cable
Case for arduino (optional)

Let's get started

The first thing we will do is put thread seal on all the fittings.
when you are done with that put the screw that came with the reservoir on the reservoir and screws it in on the back of the handbrake
View attachment 280122
Next, we will put the fitting on the Pressure transducer to do that put the screw on the transducer. To the female part of the fitting (if it doesn't fit it doesn't have to go all the way in just make sure it does not leak) and screw it in the handbrake
View attachment 280123

Start adding brake fluid don't add it in all at once do one cap at a time and pull back the handbrake a few times to get it in if its too much take some out and have the cap on the reservoir whenever you want to try it

when its a good amount of brake fluid, solder the wires to these connections on the pro micro it should look like this but better because im bad at soldering
with this diagram View attachment 280135 View attachment 280117

when you are done open the file on the top and read the readme. Open HandbrakeSketch and do the following choose go to the top and do this on the top Tools>Board> Arduino Yun mini. and then go here Tools>Port>com8
Under tools click the check mark and when that is done click the arrow pointing right. When it is done uploading close Arduino ide and press windows key and type "game controllers" choose Arduino Yun mini to go to properties and calibrate skip everything but throttle and when you are on throttle pull the handbrake until you can't do it anymore. Do not pull it back so far its uncomfortable to pull handbrake do it so its comfortable

that's is it thank you for reading
Yes mate! Great to see you got it up and running, how does it feel to pull back on?