How to make a decent start?

Jake Fangio

Please don't rain pleeaassee don't rain
Steering wheel dead straight,small steering Correction's if the back end gets happy,gentle throttle application and well timed shifts.You can't slam the hammer down off of the grid.Oh yea and pray lol.:thumbsup:


This is my method:
  1. Hold the throttle at the point where the revs are half way into the red zone (If you're playing on the tv pod view with the round tachometer like I am)
  2. Keep it there when the lights go out and hold first gear until around 40MPH, then change to second
  3. You can probably start increasing the throttle in second, change to third at around 70MPH
  4. One you've been in third for a bit you should be able to plant the throttle and shift normally
That's just a rough guide. To get good starts you just need to practice until you get a feel for it--apply more throttle if it bogs down, less if you get too much wheelspin.


I always do almost full gas off the line, then rapidly decrease it as soon as the rear comes along and then I gently apply throttle again and do some shortshifting until 3rd gear
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