How to install GTR2 under Vista 64-bit

Freddie Besems

Feb 28, 2009
I'm trying to install GTR2 under Vista 64-bit.

it is installing in the map 64-bit. doesn't work yet.

and then i installed in the 32-bit map. doesn't work yet.

When starting up GTR2 it is asking to eject the GTR2 disk, and then to place it back. But then nothing happens.

(it seems there is some kind of protection that has to be
removed, but i dont know which one) Also tried administrator rights.

Maybe i have to let it work in old software configuration.

Anyone has any idea to solve this problem.
Feb 27, 2009
Mamamia!! I was thinking, i've got to install WIndows Vista to solved the problems with GTR2......but now it won't even start up....

ARGHHHHHH!! SOME HELP NEEDED .... (32-bit version)

[edit] "run as admin" and "windows Xp modus" doesn't do the job......