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Discussion in 'RBR Setups' started by Warren Dawes, Jun 24, 2011.

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  1. Warren Dawes

    Warren Dawes

    Installing a saved / posted setup file in RBR is slightly different to the usual SimRacing games, but is quite easy if you follow strict guidelines. This tutorial explains those guidelines, but is based on the RSRBR Mod. (It should also be applicable to the base Richard Burns Rally game).

    1. All RBR car setup files are saved under Richard Burns Rally/SavedGames. Specific car setups are found under "RSRBR Car Class_Surface Type" eg. A8W-08_Snow, or A8W-08_Normal.

    (Please note: A8W-08_Gravel would refer to the Gravel Mod, A8W-08_Snow refers to the Snow Mod. If the default surface is Gravel or Snow, it will be located under A8W-08_Normal).

    2. Setup files are saved as .lsp files, and specify the Car No. and Slot No. as an essential part of the naming. eg. 5slot2_RS200 Gravel.lsp

    The 5 refers to the Car No. (in the RSRBR Car Pack); slot 2 refers to which setup slot it will appear in-game. The description after the _ can be your own setup description.

    The car number is critical and must not be changed. The slot number may be changed if you want to see the setup in a different slot (see point 4.).

    3. To install a downloaded setup file, simply copy the .lsp file to the appropriate SavedGames folder. Be very careful to select the correct folder.

    4. If the poster has used a slot number that you already have used eg. 5slot1 , then you may not see one of the two setups. To avoid this, rename the file to a slot number not currently used eg. 5slot3 and you will see it under slot 3 in-game.

    5. Thats it. You should then be able to enter the setup option via the Tune Car menu, select Load Settings, select the saved setup, Load, Yes, OK. If you want, you can then look at the setup details. Then hit Esc to go back to the Drive Stage option.

    Please Note: If you are saving a setup file after testing/adjusting, it will not be saved until you exit from RBR.
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