How to install a mod into F1 2014

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Oct 8, 2010
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Downloading and Unpacking a Mod

  • Visit our F1 2014 resource centre (downloads) by following this link
  • Choose the type of mod that you want from the categories list
  • Pick a mod from your selected category from those listed on the left of the page


  • Once you pick a mod, it displays the overview page for the mod
  • There are Updates, Reviews, Version History, and Discussion tabs available to pick from
  • The Discussion tab is the forum thread for this mod. You can discuss the mod in that thread, and ask questions about that particular mod in the same thread
  • Click the Download button as shown below


  • Save the mod archive (zip, rar, 7cz) to a folder of your choice on your hard drive
  • Suggestion = Downloads/F1 2014/Mods
  • Browse to your chosen download folder, and unpack the archive to a new folder



  • Browse into the new folder created when unpacking the archive
  • There may be multiple folders
  • Continue into the nest of folders (if there's more than one), until you see one or more of the standard F1 2014 install folders which are normally present in your game install folder
  • In the bottom picture below, those standard F1 2014 folders are cars, characters, and garages.


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Graham Laing

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Oct 8, 2010

Manually Installing a Mod into F1 2014 (Steam Install)

The F1 2014 install folder in Steam is :-
  • YourSteamInstallDrive:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common

Backup Copy, in case it goes wrong (Optional)

  • Browse to your game install folder (as mentioned above)
  • Select the f1 2014 folder and copy it



  • If you have the drive space, you can paste it straight back down into the 'steamapps/common' folder. This will create a new f12014 - copy folder next to the normal f12014 folder in your Steam install
  • As you are copying from one drive back onto the same drive, it can take quite a few minutes for the copying process to complete
  • Alternatively you can copy to another drive if you have one, and you have the space. Copying is quicker this way.
  • This just gives you a quick method of backing up your install, just in case things go wrong when you install a mod



  • Once the copying has completed, you can just leave the folder where it is, or you can rename it if you wish.
  • In my case I renamed the folder from f12014 - copy to f12014 Backup



Copying your Mod files into your F1 2014 Install

  • Browse to your F1 2014 install folder


  • Open a new window and browse to the folder where you downloaded and unpacked the mod you want to install
  • Select the standard F1 2014 folders from within the mod folder. Inthe picture below, you can see that there are 3 standard game folders in this mod - cars, characters, and garages
  • Copy the folders to the clipboard


  • Make your F1 2014 install folder window your active window
  • Paste the mod folders into your F1 2014 install folder
  • Select 'Overwrite Files' or 'Replace Files' when asked (depending on Operating System)
  • Your mod is now installed
  • If you have done something wrong, got confused and pasted things in the wrong place, and don't know how to undo it. Then if you made a backup copy as mentioned earlier in this post, you can copy the whole f12014 folder back into Steam to recover from the error
  • Alternatively, if you didn't make a backup, and didn't use a mod manager to install your mods, you can verify your game files via Steam. This will fix your game by downloading files (as necessary) automatically (Removing ALL mods).
  • Info about Steam Verification is here in this sticky thread
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Oct 8, 2010
Installing Mods with the Ryder Mod Manager

  1. Download the Ryder Mod Manager from this link here
  2. There is no installer, the software can be run from where you unpacked it.
*** Note - The above link to Ryder's own web page seem to be broken - Please use this alternative link if it is still broken ***

Preparing the Ryder Mod Manager for first use

  • Once you have unpacked the RMM to a folder, I suggest creating a shortcut to place on your desktop. As shown in the two pictures below.
  • All pictures in this thread relate to Windows 8, but the procedures are the same or similar in other Windows operating systems.

Creating a F1 2014 Ryder Profile

  • Before you can use the mod manager, you must create a game profile for F1 2014, or for other games. All the F1 20xx games are supported.
  • Start the mod manager via the shortcut you created above.
  • Click OK when you see the warning shown below

  • Click the File Menu > Profile menu item

  • Click - Add Profile

  • Browse to your F1 2014 install folder. This tells the mod manager where your game is installed
  • The F1 2014 install folder in Steam is :-
  • YourSteamInstallDrive:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common
  • After selecting the F1 2014 install folder, click OK

  • The Ryder Mod Manager now has a stored profile for F1 2014

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Oct 8, 2010
Adding a new Mod to the Ryder Mod Manager

  • Download a mod to a folder on your hard drive
  • Unpack the rar/zip/7cz archive to a folder
  • Click File menu > Add > Folder
  • Browse to the folder that you unpacked the mod into

  • When you browse into the new mod's folder, ensure that you browse to the folder above all the other folders, that are laid out in the same way are the game's install folder.
  • In the picture below you can see that I browse to and select the folder that has all the standard F1 2014 folders below it. In this case it's the 'SA2 Lambo Corse' folder, as the standard F1 2014 folders are below it i.e the cars, characters, and garage folders.
  • The mod you install may have less or many more folders with the same name as the F1 2014 standard folders.
  • Once selected, click OK


  • When you click OK, you will see the dialogue below. Select 'No'
  • There are other methods of using the Ryder Mod Manager, but we are only concerned with it's very basic mode for this tutorial


  • You can now see that the mod has been added to the RMM's mod list
  • You can add as many mod as you like to this list, using the same method as above.
  • The mod is not installed to the game yet, just ready to install using the manager.
  • As this mod is not installed, it has a red cross next to it in the list.


Using the Ryder Mod Manager to Install a Mod

  • Once you have added a mod to the mod manager, you can install it to the game, or un-install it form the game as often as you want, all via the mod manager
  • To install a mod, select it from the mod list (there is only one in the list below), and click the 'Install' button


  • An installer window will pop up, and all you have to do is click the 'Install' button


  • The mod manager will now install your new mod into F1 2014
  • Notice that the install will not only install the new mod, it will also keep a backup copy of the original files.
  • It uses those back up copies when you choose to uninstall a mod
  • Click the 'Finish' button when the mod has finished installing


  • You will now be taken back to the mod list
  • The newly installed mod now has a green tick next to it, indicating that the mod has been installed into F1 2014
  • You can have multiple mod in the list, with some installed, and some not installed
  • You can switch mods in and out of the game as you wish, with a few clicks of a mouse.
  • This switching is useful, because you can have mods that you only install for career mode, but are illegal to use online in multiplayer mode (like grip changing mods, and mods that have an edited database. So if you decide to play online, you can boot up the manager, and quickly uninstall the offending mods temporarily.
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Oct 8, 2010
Un-installing a Mod with the Ryder Mod Manager

  • Once you have at least one mod installed into the game, you can select a mod in the mod list, and the Uninstall button becomes available to use.
  • Click the 'uninstall' button


  • A window will appear with the uninstall in it, click the uninstall button


  • When the process has finished, click the 'Finish' button


  • You can now see that the mod has been uninstalled
  • The mod remains listed in the mod list, with a red cross next to it, available for you to reinstall again


Removing a Mod from the Ryder Mod Manager Totally

  • You can remove a mod permanently from the mod manager if you wish. Perhaps you are not going to use it again, or you have downloaded a new version of the mod and want to install that instead.
  • Click the File Menu > 'Remove' option

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Oct 8, 2010
Alternative Method of Installing Mods into F1 2014

(Not my text, copied from the F1 2013 forum)

There are many ways to install and manage mods but it's not always convenient to have third-party tools manage everything. However, it's actually pretty easy to have your own mod management system and all you need is some HDD space.

In this example we'll use F1 2013 The Game to create a step-by-step guide on how to do so.

  • double (better thrice) the space that's actually needed for the game
  • a rough idea which mods you'll need
How to
  • new mods will go into the PLAY directory of the game, that's the folder you're starting the game from
  • if you like those mods they will go into the FRAMEWORK directory of the game, that's the folder you're storing your mods in
That way you can simply test mods and copy the FRAMEWORK back into your PLAY directory without worrying about which files you need to replace. First of all you should get an idea which mods you want and need. I suggest creating something like this.

It's not a requirement but it'll make it a lot easier to find that one mod you're looking for. After you've done that (as I said, optional) you can start building the framework. All you need to do is manually recreate the folder structure from the F1 2014 directory. In the end it should look like this.

That way all you need to do is marking all folders (CTRL + A) and copy (CTRL + C) them so that you can insert (CTRL + V) them into your game folder. Overwrite all files if asked and all mods are installed immediately. I suggest having a clean backup of the game ready in case anything goes horribly wrong - that way you don't need to download files from Steam again. In this picture you can see the following directories:
  • f1 2014: the game itself, the PLAY directory
  • f1 2014 - Kopie: kopie means copy, so that's an older copy with some mods installed (you don't need that after all)
  • F1 2014 Modding Base: the FRAMEWORK directory, containing all mods but NO original files
  • F1 2014 Original: a fully patched and updated copy of the game without any mods

Just keep the following in mind and always install mods accordingly:
  • never install new mods to the FRAMEWORK directory, test them in your PLAY directory
  • if you like them install them to the FRAMEWORK directory as well
  • avoid mixing the folders up to avoid a possible file mismatch

If you need any help please feel free to ask away!
If you see a post which is offensive or bullying, please hit the 'Report' button at the bottom of any post.


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