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How to get rid of position list (HUD)

Hi people. Can someone tell me how can I hide the position list that shows in the hud? I have all my hud elements disabled (except for RADAR), but can't get rid of that big list that sits on lower left corner, showing my position in race.
Thanks in advance.
Thanks for your answer, but it didn't work for me. F9 did nothing in my case, pressed it several times. Using the CYCLE MFD HUD assigned key on my wheel goes from position list to box strategy options list, but then stays there. No way I can get rid of that list or even cycle back to position, etc. F9 works on Assetto Corsa, but not on Competizione, I guess.

ACC has a botched interface, there's even a place where the description is the same as another option way up... (and they aren't related). Will try to remove and reinstall the game, maybe something got wrong while upgrading from beta to full release... Wish I could get a refund, this time Kunos drop the ball for good, surprisingly. No TIR support, bad interface, slideshow/stutter... sad. Maybe in a few months they'll sort it out, but then I'll be playing AM2 for sure.
No problem, thanks anyway. I just discovered on another forum that this is a bug way before 1.0, still unsolved.
Back to AC, will let ACC cook a few months more before trying it again.
Try to bind the "MFD" to a button, with that you can cycle trough different options, including pit stop settings, car settings and a blank page.
Hi dumdidum, yep, that's what I was trying to do, but ACC seems to have a known bug at the moment where only specific buttons can work (cycle) thru options - differ from wheel to wheel (and I still haven't figured out what it is on my old G25). Right now, I can cycle but it get stuck on the last page (eletronics). From there, I cannot move anymore. Surely Kunos will smash this with time. For now, I guess I'll have to wait.
Thanks for your response. Cheers.
You can disable the list on the lower left corner by clicking on INSERT button (Einfg on German layout). How to switch off the ranking list on the upper right and the session info on the upper mid of the screen?! Someone got a hint please?