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How to get rF1 auto clutch to work like GTR2 (P&G?) auto clutch

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Kevin Knorpp, Feb 15, 2016.

  1. Kevin Knorpp

    Kevin Knorpp

    Allow me to explain.

    In GTR2 using P&G mod (I only mention P&G in case helpful because I know it makes changes to the plr file), if I hold the throttle down without lifting at all while the car shifts through the gears during acceleration, the game will automatically lift and pause between shifts just like I would do if I were driving with a clutch.

    Why is this important?

    Because there are two ways that I am used to driving (1) modern vehicles with paddles and auto clutch/blip and full manual.

    On occasion (currently because i am awaiting a replacement for a broken h-shifter which will take weeks ; but also whenever I am using my son's wheel or at a friend's house, etc.) I am without a clutch and h-shifter and found that the way GTR2/P&N works allows me to drive a historic car much like a modern car instead of some hybrid method like paddles + clutch or autoclutch but have to lift like my rF1 and rF2 are currently behaving (if I don't lift during an upshift then the transmission revs very high between gears until the next gear is engaged).

    Anyway, does anyone know how to make rF2 and/or rF1 behave like GTR2/P&G does?

    Many thanks in advance :thumbsup:
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