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How to fix those pesky autoshift issues.

I'm sure you've been there,

You download your shiny new mod car, you've installed everything correctly, you select it, start a race or practice aaaand.... it just sits there in neutral!! The autoshift is broken!! Fear not! There are things you can try....

If the car has a data folder, open it and open drivetrain.ini in notepad. Go to the lines for [AUTOSHIFTER], sometimes, as in the case of the Nissan P35, there are lines missing that need to be added. Adding them fixes it. However, that isn't always the case. Last night I had an autoshift issue with the Aston Martin Vantage V8 GT3. I fixed that by deleting the [AUTOSHIFTER] lines altogether. Don't forget to save the file after you're done.

Now, I also had autoshift issues with an Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Street that I got from Assettopedia. It had no data folder, just data.acd. You can still fix it! What you do is to open Content Manger and click About, then click the version number several times. It will ask if you want to go into developer mode. You do! What you can now do is to go into Content, select the troublesome car and click Unpack Data. This unpacks the data.acd file and gives you a data folder, meaning you can hunt down issues in drivetrain.ini. I tried all the above [AUTOSHIFTER] fix methods with the Giulietta, but to no avail! Until I deleted data.acd. I checked the drivetrain.ini and I'd deleted the [AUTOSHIFTER] lines so that fixed that.

If none of these methods works then you're on your own, LOL!

What I have yet to fathom, however, is why these issues happen at all..........
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Nice! I didn't know about developer mode. Will try it.

I've found some other possible fixes for that issue.
In the cars data folder are:
ai.ini, engine.ini, and power.lut.
If you look at the power.lut, you can tell about when the upshift should occur.
Make sure these numbers aren't out of range:
In the ai.ini are these lines
In the engine.ini is this one

Those have cured my ills on many mod cars. ;)
Mmmm, I guess, I come from a PlayStation background and have always used controllers, still use a DS4 now actually.
Even on a pad, i can't imagine driving automatic in AC.
Manual downshifts offer dynamic control over the brake balance and how much grip front has, giving you finer control over steering. Short-shifts are a godsend on some cars with tricky throttles, and you are plainly faster on straights shifting manually.
And that's before some wonky logic some cars have.

IMHO autoshift sucks so much that modders ignoring it might be a blessing in disguise.
You adapt I guess. That's why I've always loved driving sims, they allow me to do what I could never safely do in real life. I don't have the co-ordination to manage a wheel, shifter and pedals. Took me long enough to master a PlayStation controller!