How to edit existing mod package

Tarmac Terrorist

Paul McCaffrey
Mar 22, 2017
Im loving Rfactor 2 at the moment and have just started hosting and its great, I go to the mass utility and put together a package of cars and tracks and off i go an lauch a server for myself and friends, brilliant!

One thing i would like to know is how to edit an existing mod package, for instance:

Ive made a mod package with Formula 2 cars and Zandervoot track. Next day a friend says can we add Barber raceway. Now ive tried to edit the existing package using the edit existing package button in mass utility and added the track Barber raceway, hit package and it seems to add the track, yet when I go to host using the dedicated host button in the laucher the package is selected as normal but when i get to track selection the track ive just added does not show up. So why is this?

Hope you can help



Dec 28, 2009
When mod is made it gets a code ID assigned to it. This is prevent tampering, cheats from altering the mod to advantage themselves. This was common place before the ID system was introduce via rF2.

Just make a new mod and add number off tracks. Running one can get a little boring and you & your friends can move on to a new track without the need for a new mod.

But simply to answer your question, You can't edit it. Make a new one.

Jens Roos

Feb 23, 2017
I't seems possible to update your package, unfortunately I can't help you as most of the times I don't get it to work either.

When an mod get an update, the rfmod will "lock" the old version as well, so I update my rfmod:s with the new version of the car or track. Not always (I think) I get an error message when I try to re-pack after selecting the new mod version, so it most often ends up in re-creating the package.

Edit, if you re-pack without error (seems that you have), make sure you install the new (updated) package as well.