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How to do multigroove tracks?



i am somewhat of a vet but to believe it or not i forgot almost everything it took me years to learn lol...anyway..i love track making and want to get back into it...i was wondering how to do multigroove tracks. I am a big nascar fan and oval tracks have a high line and a low line..i was wondering how you could add different grip levels to the high, middle, and lowside of the track.

thanks in advance guys!


also i am a pro member on btb if that helps...another thing..i couldnt ever figure out for the life of me how to get tracks to come off the banking onto a pitroad or whateve

see where the yellow line seperates the banked straigtaway and the flat part of the track for pitroad access...i could NEVER get the banking to line up so it would be a smooth transition..there would always be gaps at ground view.

nissan man

Mar 17, 2009
sure you can do this, all you need to do is edit the wanted material in the terrain file. i'm not sure if the grip is editable in BTB it's self yet, i have not looked into it.


the grip would be the material, so having a material for the low line, and another, slightly different material for the high line.. would be the way to go there .. unless there are several angles of banking across the width of the corner - that would be adjusted in setting the surface crossections for the corner.


this is how I would do a basic multigroove (banking based groove) oval with a flat inside lane

this is just to show the idea, I'd probably add 2 more surfaces per corner to get the banking right for a nascar style oval .. but you get the idea ;)

to do the inside w/no gap:
-make the oval, make a copy of that track
-delete surface nodes on the left of the surface centerline on one track
-delete surface nodes on the right on the other
-never alter that center node on either track

-now, the track w/outside nodes is your racetrack, and the track w/inside nodes is the flat/pits

see, now when you alter the camber on the outside track it stays matched on the bottom .. enjoy! :)

(edit: to see that sample track just make a piece of track with the default xpack, save it, then drop my venue.xml into that project folder replacing the blank one you just made)




thanks for the responses..you guys are great..ill let you know how it goes!

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