How to decode the venue.bin file?

Hi, we are amount of users that make stages with the Zaxxon Method, for those who do not know, are a serie of scripts to recreate a real track using Google Earth data, and with some algorimts have in BTB a 3D model of a determinate terrain, mountains and a realistic track, for example

Whell, the problem is, this scripts work on the Venue.xml that is a ASCII file, that you can edit the inside code, for add walls, modifify terrain, tracks, objects.. etc But after version BTB the Venue.xml is now Venue.bin and it is not in ASCII.

So will be very usefull if anybody knows a way to decode this file in an readable file.

At the moment we can make a stage with the scripts, but in the moment you save with BTB 8.0.3 you can't to use again those scripts

I tried with winrar, and rename the extension in all the knowed winrar formats, but it is not a compressed file


The Venue.bin is binary code, 0101101, so is bytes.! the only chance is using BobBits.DLL in a .NET Program. If any one know programing in .NET (VBasic, c++) can import BobBits.dll and usign the Class Objects to open the file, change it and save. A Tool Convert for example.
I don't have skills on programming. Do you know how to do a little program to convert from binari to ASCI? It will be very usefull, but if you can't do thanks for the info, now I have a way forward :)

R Soul

I don't have that file. Are you sure it's a part of BTB? Not that I could do anything with it; I'm just curious.


My errror is bobsbits.dll !!!!!! sorry

BTB is made in Delphi, not .NET, but a DLL can add in both.
I searched for bobsbit.dll, bobsbits.dll and also bobsbit*.* and bob*.dll but don't found anything on "C:" where I have installed BTB and windows.

I searched on google and found a coincidence in our forum ( that someone had a problem when exporting a track, and the solution was delete this bobsbit.dll.

So I think that it is possible this dll is for older versions... but I have installed BTB 0.6, and don't has this dll.
I can send you a venue.xml and the same but saved as venue.bin.

But the most interesting it is not to convert, is to know how to convert, because we will need to do a lot of times.

There are the venue.bin and the venue.xml if you need all proyect to open on BTB it is not a problem, I can send you

if you can do a simply application to load bin and save as xml, and the possibility to execute with a line command in ms-dos would be perfect! :D So we will can to adapt to scripts. But if it is a problem to execute with a line command, it is not a big problem for us

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