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Tracks How to change shade of tarmac?

Hi guys, id like to start to learn how to edit tracks--just simple things like adding rubber marks to kerbs and stuff. But the first thing Id like to do is darken the color/shade of the tarmac. Try to make it look like it was resurfaced more recently. For whatever reason, darker tarmac seems to look more realistic to me in VR. For instance, Id like to make Bahrain and Sepang look like they were more recently opened. I dont want the texture or material different--just darker. Is that a difficult thing to do?
No one has replied yet to your thread but i'll chip in.

I think the only way to achieve what you are asking is to extract the track textures, place them in a folder called "texture" within the track folder and then edit the DDS files in photoshop.


In Content Manager, go to content->tracks->track you want to edit->skins, create a new one, select the tarmac/kerbs/whatever you want to edit, CM will extract the textures and create a CM skin. You can then edit these textures