How to change pacenote language?

Hi guys,
for many years i wanted to go back and play RBR again but i never got to do it until Jimmy's recent video with the Rallysimfans NGP RBR mod convinced me to finaly do it.
It seems like everything is working great and it is a blast to drive (crazy how great this game still is after so many years).
But i have one problem. The above mentioned mod is supposed to have 6 audio languages for pacenotes/codriver, i even see the files inside the game folders, but once i am in the game in the options i can only choose english, german and french. There are supposed to be also czech, hungarian and swedish pacenotes but how can i choose them?
I am interested in the czech audio.
Do i just delete (or copy/paste) the czech files into the english folder? (the folder structure in both of them seems little bit different as is the number of files.)
thanks for help

so i tried to figure it out myself but i failed. I found the pacenote.ini file and i changed the values there so it uses czech files instead of english, but in the game the codriver still speak english (although the word "caution" when you drive it speaks in czech for some reason, but everything else in english)
i am lost
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it supports czech language, there are czech sound files in the game folders, yet there is no way to select czech sound language in the game. i tried every language in the game just in case the czech files "overwrite" one of the other languages, but no. I even tried editing the ini file as stated above to force the game to use the czech sound files, but this also doesnt work.

Try edit "misc.rbz\Misc\lng.dll" -file.

misc.rbz is just a renamed .zip -file and lng.dll is just a renamed .ini -file.

If you have also chance "Plugins\Pacenote\PaceNote.ini\sounds=czech" -setting, there's nothing else that I can help. Sorry.