How to: bumpdraft

Maurice Hurkmans

RD Travel Expert
Dec 27, 2006
After this race i came to the conclusion im very sucky sucky in bumpdrafting. still too unknown and maybe too scared too get too close when cornering.

Anybody got some tips / gentleman rules for bumpdrafting which can help me to improve :)

Thanks in advance!
Feb 19, 2007
It gets down the who you bumpdraft or actually draft
does this person has experience or not
If he does and you trust him that he knows what you will be doing, then you can bumpdraft anywhere
Also it is important to read or know the racing line of your drafting buddy. This will be important as to get the maximum of drafting is to stay in 1 perfect line
But (there is always a but :)), be careful not to come to fast to the person

An example of this is me and James. I know for sure James trust me a lot with bumpdrafting and me trusting him (we have been doing this a lot to eachother) and I know James lines very well and he knows my line. I know i can easily bumpdraft James in corners as he has the skill to take that hit :wink:
Another example is the Rizzla crew :)

If you are the person getting the bumpdraft, pay attention to the steering and car behavior, because sometimes you might need to react quickly to correct the car going sideways from a bumpdrafting

Lars Strijdonck

Six by nine. Forty two.
Mar 23, 2008
After tonights race (dont get me wrong i really enjoyed myself) it might be good to write a few oval basics down for all those new to it and interested.

Especially restarts and how to deal with them as most restarts went way to fast. The BIG plus of tonights race was the number of drivers and all the showed up. I am no that good a writer but i wont mind give it a go but after some sleep :D

James Johnson

The Weatherman
Jan 17, 2007
Always Position Your Car so that You Hit the Center of the Rear Bumper. Hitting on either side of that will cause car infront to Possibly Lose Control.


You will most likely never see the CUP guys bump drafting during cornering, except you want to kick someone out. Bump Drafting shall be done on straights only because of safety reasons. If you have more speed than the guy in front, you shall announce "Expect bump" or on Teamspeak you shall say to the person (who should be also on TS), what your intentions are!

Bump Drafting in corners can loosen the car in front, making it jaggy and the guy controlling the car will probably overreact and spin out!

Gareth Hickling

Feb 17, 2008
Myself and rob were bumping each other all over the track last night we had some mean speed :) But it was Tally so its easier there.

Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
Dec 26, 2006
Haha Maus :) We are gonna practice some this week ok? But what i saw yesterday is that you didnt pick up in a straightline behind the car in front of you.

Getting lined up properly should be a good start i guess. It was quite noticeable that we totally lost ground halfway the race when the express train was broken!

(btw is it monday already?)