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How to build a pssg texture

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Y E S, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. Y E S

    Y E S

    Hi all,
    i've just extracted some textures from a pssg file with "F1 2010 Textures Editor 0.5".
    I edited it in photoshop, and now have a picture in .png, .tga or DDS.

    Please, how can i rebuild the pssg texture, grouping my graphic modified files in a brand new pssg file????

  2. gerardfraser


    Under the saving/import part should be the answer your looking for.

    Here are some pictures I did up for a friend,and should be easy to follow.

    Always backup your files first

    Export files with pssg editor

    1.Select file for editing by browsing to F1 game folder.
    2.Pick file you would like to edit from list of files in pssg editor.
    3.Export files to folder(hit export)
    4.After files are exported to folder,you only have to edit the DDS file.
    Select DDS file to edit and open with software you like to use.I used Paint.net


    Saving DDS Format

    1.After you edited your file,hit file ,then save as
    2.Select your file from the folder where you originally opened the file to be edited
    (Just to make sure you save as the same file name )
    Save type as DirectDraw Surface(DDS)
    3.Replace file by hitting yes
    4.Here you have a choice of what format use.The following two formats have worked in the game for me.
    DXT5 and A4R4G4B4.DXT5 is the format I use the most.


    Import you edited file to work ingame

    1.Open pssg editor and select the pssg you want to add your edited DDS file for new ingame texture.
    2.Select load
    3.Browse to the DDS file that was edited and hit open.
    4.After new edited file is open all you do is hit import and when the popup screen says texture imported you file is ready to replace the original pssg file to work in game.

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