How to Adjust Cockpit Viewing angles (Tutorial)

Paul Hamwa

I've always had a slight problem with the inability to change the cockpit view to suit the fact that my monitor sits slightly high on my desk. Either I had to compromise and have a dizzyingly wide FOV that looks warped and unnatural like you're riding on the bonnet, or be so close on the open wheel cars that the tires are cut off as I don't have a super wide monitor.

I recently saw a post by Paul Thomas over on Radiators and where he mentioned to use a script via glovepie.
He posted to the forum a really simple TrackIR emmulator script that essentially lets you use keyboard shortcuts to change pitch, forward and back, and up and down while in game. (For those who have played LFS this is one of the great things it offers in the settings.)

Glovepie works extremely well and is relatively easy to install and run. Only problem is once you quit glovepie it gets rid of all your settings you made regarding pitch and up-down-right-left positions.

So I emailed Paul Thomas and he sent me a fixed values script someone had written for iRacing, for me as a basis to use for each car. I then modified the files values through trial and error and saved a separate script for each car that simply needs to be run before starting the game. That is once you run the KS2 script the cockpit will be pre-modified by me to have a sort of new camera angle.

I've made a short tutorial to explain, it's really very easy and takes no more that a few minutes to setup.

1. First
Download these PIE script files I've modified based on the original script here and place them all in the Netkar main directory located on your C drive. ----->DO NOT place in the Netkar folder located in My Documents<--------
(It's very important the scripts are in the right place or else it won't work!)

2. Next
Download Glovepie here (don't be afraid it ain't a Malware!)

3. Install Glovepie (expand to desktop for example, it doesn't matter where you run Glovepie from)

4. Open the Glovepie folder

5. Run Glovepie.exe

6. In Glovepie

go to > File menu > Click on "Open" > Navigate to the main Netkar directory where you just placed the scripts > click on the script with the file name of the car you want to drive and press "Open" (for example "FixedPitchKS2")

> click on the "RUN" button in the main interface of Glovepie

Your Done!

7. Run Netkar and you'll see the changed view.

Be aware these are my personal settings so you might not like the angle I chose, I generally like a small FOV of between 45-55 and I have included screenshots in the Garage with each car with the seat settings the way I think they work best for me.

Also you'll notice there's a script called AllCarsFreeMove.pie if you activate this script you will be able to use the following keyboard shortcuts:

y for up
u for down
h for right
j for left
c for pitch +
v for pitch -
z for forward
x for back

Be aware though, as I said, once you stop Glovepie, Netkar will revert to the original settings and your adjustments will be lost.

I'll do another post on how to edit the scripts next as i think this is already too much!

Hope this helps!

Thanks of course to Paul Thomas for finding this script and his very informative post over at Radiators!

Cheers Paul


Paul Hamwa

EDIT ------>I forgot to mention. In the AllcarsFreeMove.pie script you'll see a command on top which is

(L) = joystick0.Button8

This Paul Thomas made to map the "tear off" keyboard button to a steering wheel button. It's made for the Fanatec but can be modified for the Logitech wheels as well as long as you know the number of the button

If you don't want to map the tear off to your wheel just simply stop the script erase that line and press save.

Paul Hamwa

Yeah I was just told the script was first on iRacing, so I've edited my post. As I'm not on iRacing and don't have access to their forums, I didn't know.

Nothing really new in my post I know, just thought it would be good to lay it out and try to make it simple for Netkar.
added goto pits and repair damage all with the left dpad button.

cursorposx and y need to be worked out for different resolution the example below is
for 1216 by 698.

(L) = joystick0.Button8
if joystick0.Pov1Left then
press keyboard.esc;
wait 15ms
release keyboard.esc;
mouse.cursorposX = 600;
mouse.cursorposy =270;
press mouse.leftButton;
wait 15ms;
release mouse.leftButton ;
mouse.cursorposX = 820;
mouse.cursorposy =630;
press mouse.leftButton;
wait 15ms;
release mouse.leftButton ;

works with the fanatec, might work with g25/7
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