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How to add fuel

Rixamus Hart

Oct 7, 2012

In real races, to my knowledge, they do not refuel. Thus, you must set your fuel so you have enough, but not too much so you can be competitive, and there is the joy, working out your levels and speed. Seeing as practice sessions and quali and race times vary, it makes for interesting racing. Set your A.I level and go from there. They also do not stop for tires, just race from start to finish. So also, be careful of your tyre wear.

Hope that helped.

However, you can make them stop by using the PitStop Strategies in each track .gdb file. Add the lines at the end of the file. Use Notepadd + + to edit.

You add the following; For example

Adalberto Jardim = 2 - 7,14
Driver 2 = 3 - 8,15
Driver 3 = 2 - 6,13
Driver 4 = 3 - 6,13

Add all your drivers from the talent folder.

The '2' equals how many stops, and the 7 and 14 are the laps to stop (for example, change it to suit your own needs).

You get your driver names from the Talent folder, and you need to make sure they look like this with a space;
Adalberto Jardim
And not

Google 'pitstop strategies for GSCE' (works with FT2013), you'll find lots on the forums.
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