How to: Add/delete Circuits for Champonships


Sep 23, 2013
This is a guide to add/delete any track to a championship to any of the exisiting Reiza cars or to my Formula Nippon conversion (must have rfm file).

1.First you need to navigate to the rFm folder in you GSC installation.

2. Make a backup of the .RFM file(s) just in case.

3.Select the RFM file you wish to edit, when you open a file the MOD name is listed so you can tell which one it is. They are numbered and look like this reiza30 (Formula Nippon).

4.Open this up with notepad (only need to do this once).

It will look like this

Mod Name = FN2008
Track Filter = StockV8
Vehicle Filter = OR: Reiza30
SafetyCar = Integra_PC.veh

Matchmaker =
Matchmaker TCP Port = 40001
Matchmaker UDP Port = 40002
Loading Bar Color = 13244190

Max Opponents = 21 // maximum opponents in practice/quick race/grand prix/championship
Min Championship Opponents = 5 // minimum opponents in championship only

// Seasons:

Season = Formula Nippon 2008
FullSeasonName = FN2008
BaseCreditMult = 0.0
MinExperience = 0
EntryFee = 0
Vehicle Filter = |Reiza30
Max Opponents = 21

FirstPlace = 25
SecondPlace = 20
ThirdPlace = 16
FourthPlace = 14
FifthPlace = 12
SixthPlace = 10
SeventhPlace = 9
EighthPlace = 8
NinthPlace = 7
Place10 = 6
Place11 = 5
Place12 = 4
Place13 = 3
Place14 = 2
Place15 = 1


5.As you can see the tracks that are to be raced in the championship are listed.

6. All you need to do now and the easy way I find as the entry must exactly match is open Gamedata folder, then open Locations folder. All your installed tracks are listed.

7.Open the folder for the track you wish to add, there should be a sub folder with the track or track configuration you want to add listed.

8. Open the sub folder in there will be a .gbd file use that name for your scene order as it may differ from the folder name.

9. Navigate to the scene order in the RFM file. If I wanted to add Brands hatch and get rid of Interlagos1 I just delete the Interlagos1 entry and copy and paste my Brands entry that looks like this Brands_Hatch_GP.

10. Change/delete the tracks you want and now save and exit.

Now when you start a championship your tracks that you have entered will be available.

Hope this helps everyone.

Any questions fire away.
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