How to add a class to vehicles in an existing mod?

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by The Iron Wolf, Apr 12, 2016.

  1. The Iron Wolf

    The Iron Wolf

    Hi RaceDepartment!

    I am trying to figure out a way to select a subset of cars from a mod and assign it a separate class, so that I can choose separate class from the Opponents Filter of offline session setup. For now, I am trying to follow this guide: but with no luck so far (and an angry wife). I hope someone could give me time saving advice and clarify some questions I have:

    Roughly, What I am doing right now, is:

    • · Extract .veh files from .mas file
    • · Modify .veh files by adding new ID to the list of Classes and create new .mas file (matching original name)
    • · Create update .rfcmp and install it.

    • · Is rfcmp component fastest/easiest way to do what I want? What about VMod?
    • · Mod’s original .mas file contains not only .veh file, but also textures, etc. Should my .mas file contain everything from the original .mas file + updated files, or, just changed files is enough?
    • · Is it possible to populate AI grid based on Category, not Class?
    • · Does car class needs to be defined somewhere, other than .veh file? I am asking, because current Class names contain underscores ‘_’, but UI doesn’t show them in the Opponent Filter, so I wonder if either underscores are stripped off or there’s Class’ description somewhere.
    • Is there any debug/diagnostic output in RF2 so that I see how my modifications load? For example, yesterday everything worked in mas2 and mod manager, but cars won't show up in new Class. I wish there was a way to see why.
    And, totally weird question: do I need online subscription on RF2 to be able to join isiforums? No matter what I do, I don’t get activation mail (even created second email, no luck, just time wasted).

    Have a good day everyone! Thanks.
  2. Emery


    Your basic plan looks correct.

    VMOD won't get you where you want to go unless you just strip out only the subclass you're interested in.

    Your new mas file needs to contain everything needed to run the mod (original mas + updated files). I wouldn't bother trying to create an update rfcmp as they're more complicated and people struggle with them.

    Might help to look at other rfcmps to see how they've implemented multiclass vehicles. Something like the Howston G4/G6.

    I believe you should be able to join ISI forum without online subscription. Doublecheck spam filter?
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  3. Simon Christmann

    Simon Christmann

    Take a look into the car upgrades file from the car main mas.

    There should be a line called something with class override. Normally in the first lines. And how you describe it for you car it should be there.

    To Debug you can load your stuff in Dev Mode. Just install the SDK on top of your installation.


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  4. The Iron Wolf

    The Iron Wolf

    Thanks for the tips. I was able to achieve what I wanted, and I’d like to share what I learned along:

    · I was able to modify vehicle class by building update component out of .mas including only modified .veh files. Packaging system was smart enough to update content correctly, keeping unchanged resources from the original package.

    · I could not avoid .rfcmp. I originally thought to just build/replace .mas file, but I couldn’t make it work. My guess is: there’s .mft file next to .mas file in the installation folder. .mft file contains some checksums and once .mas file is modified, checksum won’t match, and content won’t load.

    · One caveat that cost me some time to figure out: when building single cmp update component, original package must be installed, otherwise, packaging will mysteriously not work without giving any errors.

    I resolved my isiforums problem by getting dummy gmail account. Looks like outlook has some filter even before my junk mail folder, which contains only offers for viagra/cialis but not mails from isiforum.
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