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How select hard / soft tyres on differnet tracks

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by paul280981, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. paul280981



    Hoping that someone can help me with this problem. The way I have my champion set up is 300km for each race. The problem that I have is tracks like Winton and Sandown have the soft compound as standard for all cars.

    How do I change this back to the hard compound for myself and all AI's? I don't have any idea which file I should be looking at? I want to run the hard compound all the time.

    Thanks for your help!

    Paul M.
  2. FDG Stitch

    FDG Stitch

    If I am reading your question correctly Paul it's the trackconfig file you need to edit in your V8factor folder,

    Ours resides in the V8factor11 folder.

    If this is still a problem, let me know and I can send you a link to our trackconfig that allows all gear ratios and sprint or control tyres for any track.

    This trackconfig needs to be installed on the server and any trying to race on your server.
  3. Jose Borges

    Jose Borges

    hi. i noticed that with your bathurst track only a ratio was available and only the intermediate tyres... Why would you do that? Does it translate reality in each circuit?
    oh, what values should i change in trackconfig?

  4. Dave Oliver

    Dave Oliver

    In the V8s you can only use a certain ratio and tyre. So ORSM has set the mod up to replicate that.
  5. Doug62


    That's not quite 100% right.
    We have set up the SEASONS like that so THEY replicate the seasons format that the real series ran for that year.

    HOWEVER! We have also given you all what we called the COMMUNITY section. In this section all rules are OFF!
    This section WAS/IS meant for leagues to produce their own seasons with custom liveries and upgrades.ini files to suit those liveries. These car then have NO such track config in play so the choice become yours or if the leagues wish to implement similar rules for certain tracks they have the option to do so.

    We've spent a great amount of time to get the seasons to replay as best as we possibly could. We know there's still some issue with that like the wrong cars leading the pack but again Still-Bacon has spent MANY hours working on the AI trying all sorts of things to get this as close as possible.

    So now we give it to you guy's and you can build your own League seasons. Liveries and teams. Set up your own trackconfig if wanted. We can't do it ALL for you!

    I see AusFactor are going to do a skin pack for their 2012 season. This is fantastic news! I for one really enjoy seeing the liveries coming out of the community league painters. It has been surely mist of late. I am really looking forward to seeing what you guy's come up with. Just be sure to use the COMMUNITY section and you'll be free to use tires and ratios combos on any track however you wish.