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How much unused tech do you still have



Was wondering what sim tech related items people have that they are currently not using but haven sold or given away, myself I seem to be holding on to a bit have only every sold 4 items.

Items not in use any more

CSL Elite Base & Pedals with LC (back up)
V2.5 Wheelbase (backup)
Clubsport BMW wheel
Thrustamaster Sparco handbrake/sq shifter
G27 wheel & G29 wheel (giving away when Covid eases up)
SRH Dashboard
SRH sim screen display
Generic eBay 4 line display
Generic eBay button box
GT omega wheel stand and rear section
GT omega R9 seat

In use

DD2 wheelbase
V3 pedals
Porsche Podium rim with clubsport shifters (main rim)
Formula V2 rim with podium shifters
Gt rim on fanatec podium hub with podium shifters
Fanatec clubsport shifter
F1C rig from eBay
Rift S
Defi rev counter
Custom-made button box
SRH SPI-D (fuel) & Gmax display (gears)
8 generic bass shakers
Audi A3 seat (good for fat asses like me)
Elgato stream deck (haven't used it yet new crisis purchase)
Logitech z906 surround speakers
Sennheiser gsp500 headset
2 x 5" phones with simhub displays
2 x 10" tablets with simhub displays

Love my setup but I'm still slow
Couldn't sleep made me think of this !


In the moment only my PS4 and an very old plasma TV i used for the first six month as an entry drug into simracing.

But I only started in January, so I havn´t had much time to amass "dust collectors"

Things will get worse for sure :rolleyes:

MFG Carsten

Jan Larsen

Nothing, not one thing, everything is in use. My PC is used every day, G27 several times a week, my phone as a dashboard and a dedicated, cheap tablet as a button box. Would love an H-shifter but as things are now, I have what I need.


G29 pedals were repurposed for use with AccuForce;
Logitech wheel and base are currently used only as cable and Odyssey+ retainer.
I may eventually sort using G29 wheel and paddles on AccuForce..
Only my Fanatec BMW steering wheel. But I still need it when I update the firmware of the V2 base I use. I have the podium hub with a custom wheel and it can't do the wheel calibration after an update.