How much simulation is F1 V6T in Assetto Corsa?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by jacktorrance, Aug 26, 2016.

  1. jacktorrance


    Hamilton and Alonso made some very damning remarks on current state F1: all they do is save fuel, save tyres, save turbo, save everything. They say the cars are too heavy, too slow, and they never drive on 100% from lap 1 in a race onwards.

    With Assetto Corsa being hailed as such a good simulator - and it really is - how much do the F1 mods simulate that need to not drive on the limit? The mods I tried didnt go much further than keeping the tyres in the right temp window, although the F12015 mod does mention to stop doing that other fantastic racing aspect: trail braking. Are current F1 mods dumbed down enough to simulate real F1, or is driving on the limit not punished and can we consider it arcade driving?
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    About 50kilos
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  3. schnipp


    Are you just talking about mods or the official Red Pack DLC SF15-T?

    I can only talk about the Red Pack car, but in my long runs you definitely have to watch fuel and tyres.
    For a realistic fuel consumption for a race you have to achieve somewhere around 43l/100km, with a normal longrun speed you get to 45-47/48 l/100km, so you need to adjust. More engine brake, lift and coast before braking, finding a hybrid setting that gives a decent amount of electric drive while having a constant SOC of the battery and then get engine brake, brake bias and MGU-K regen to a setting that is still driveable.

    Regarding tyres:
    I did a few runs on mediums at RBR, starting with 60-65l of fuel and you can get to around 30 laps with decent performance of the tyres, then they wear pretty strong and get very difficult to drive. And that is with the above mentioned race-like settings and lap times, with a few faster laps in it, but still way off qualifying times.

    So keep in mind, race distance at RBR is somewhat around 70 laps, so even at that pace I could barely get mediums to last half a race distance with decent performance.
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