How Long and How Much?

Dana Ciul

Nov 28, 2009
I am curious as to how long those of you who compete online have played this sim and how much time you spend doing so.

Carlos Diaz

Happily driving a "girly" car
Sep 16, 2009
I bought the game sometime in 2007. I played it for about a week and then I stopped. It was too hard for me.
I found it more frustrating than enjoyable.
I was spoiled because I was used to easy games like the Gran Turismo series.
Then I bought Forza which I found to be more difficult than the GT series. Then Forza2. After playing a lot of Forza2 I wanted something more realistic so I gave GTL another shot. It was still hard, but not as much as the first time around. That was at the beginning of 2009. In Sept of 2009 I found and joined RD and I try to race with the club every Tuesday and Thursday. I also joined my first league ever (RDHGP S4).

I have learned more racing against the club regulars in the last 3 months than I did playing against the A.I. for about 7 months. But I still have a looong way to go.

KL Mallender

GT Legends: How long?

Well, I've had GTL since '05 and completed the cup challenges long before there was a "unlock" code and before I even had internet service, with all the new sims released since I tend to "dabble" with a new mod or game, then I come back to GTL and GTR 1&2, which is once again back at the top as favorites, now I just need to get squared away with new online lobby connections, I have always liked it's AI to give me a good run when offline and the challenges feel new again, great game.


Knut Omdal Tveito

Jan 18, 2009
I have raced GTL for about a year now. I think I had one offline race and that was it. I felt like a real amature at first when driving online, but it was still so much more fun than driving against the AI. Personally I see no reason to wait with online racing. Some might say they want to practice first and start off online with higher skills, but I learned things much quicker online with plenty of tips from the other drivers.

I try to attend as many races as possible and I guess I drive 1-2 races a week.

The Racedepartment GTL club is a lovely place to have clean fair races and you get introduced to some brilliant tracks and cars. Join now:D

Bob Hutchins

May 21, 2008
All I can say is the same as Carlos & Knut. I raced the Race series first here at RD, got into GTL about 3 months ago as I wanted a different challenge, joined the GTL club and never looked back. The guys there are sooooo helpful and the racing is spectacular. Forget offline the only real racing is racing with others. Once bitten forever smitten..

Dana Ciul

Nov 28, 2009
Carlos has been helping me with the game in general. He also coached me through some problems with multiplayer access. Today I finally got registered and looked at the online lobby. It looked a bit intimidating but I will ease into it soon.