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How does early access/crowd funding works?

Discussion in 'Project CARS 2' started by RacingJustForFun, Jun 25, 2015.

  1. RacingJustForFun


    I got a question how this early access/crowd funding works, never seen anything like it..

    1) If I would donate for the PCARS2 project, say tomorrow, whould I then be already able TO PLAY TOMORROW this new pcars2 developing game?
    OR will it take weeks/months/years after donating, before the first playable version of Pcars2 becomes available to be tested/played for donaters?

    2) HOW was this with pcars1: where there all (or at least) most of the cars and tracks available right from the beginning of the development to all donaters OR where there only one or two cars and tracks by a time and then just another track and car and another track and car by time?

    3.) HOW does this donation thing work generally, HOW is payment done for instance? Through Steam or separately by Paypal or whatever?

    THANKS in advance for your help!
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  2. ONT


    1 Soon. The joke was that fist build is a black screen with 2 pixels for Pcars 2 , but likely it starts with one track and a few cars.

    PCARS 1 was a later build start, more tracks and cars, but members wanted earlier build start this time.

    PayPal last time

    My understanding is that this time there is no profit sharing, but not a big deal for me I was a lower tier 30-40$ last time to get all builds, so my profit is likely a few bucks :)
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2015
  3. Kimmo Kokkonen

    Kimmo Kokkonen
    K2 Premium

    Received following email 4th Nov 2011

    Subject: Project CARS Wants You!


    Hello, Keni1

    Thank you for registering at WMD! Until now, you´ve been missing out on all the exciting features a membership on our team has to offer. Today is a great day to change that as we've just released a brand new development build of Project CARS for all team members to try.

    Project CARS already includes plenty of content to keep you entertained for weeks, including:

    - A rich selection of cars, including classical Formula cars and state of the art touring car & sports car machinery

    - Four tracks, including three real-life circuits and a highly versatile test track

    - Race mode to test your skills against up to 15 AI components

    Aside from getting to enjoy regular development builds, members also get to follow the development of Project CARS up close, talk to the developers in our busy forum and have a say in key decisions regarding the future of title.

    Sounds tempting? Then head over to our Tool Packs page and get tooled up! Membership starts for as little as 10 Euro as one-time payment, no subscription involved.


    We would love to welcome you as member on our team soon!

    The Slightly Mad Studios Team

    I didn't help them, shame on me, you can blame me about all issues you find LOL
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