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How do you uninstall Race07?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Gareth Hughes, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Gareth Hughes

    Gareth Hughes

    I just rebuilt my pc recently, and i conducted an uninstall test, to see which programs might have problems, and the biggest problem was Steam with Race07. It insisted i must have an internet connection to uninstall Steam, but i had uninstalled that already, so i was a bit stuck. So i uninstalled Race07, but it still appeared as installed in the windows apps list, but i deleted the steam folders before i realised this. which is strange because now i have no race07, no steam, but when you try to remove it from the windows apps list, it tries downloading steam again ?! What a mess!
    I've formatted the HD since and am now back with fresh install, but i dont want to install race07 again due to the problems, as i know i will be uninstalling again soon when EVO comes out.

    Does anyone have an uninstall procedure that works? i have the DVD, online version (which can also be used offline)
  2. Michael Herrmann

    Michael Herrmann

    you dont need to uninstall race 07 for GTR-Evo just save some money and buy the update version of GTR Evo for race 07
  3. Maik Peters

    Maik Peters

    Must have another look at it, but couldn't you say.. don't automatically update games.

    So he won't install or update games by itself.

    PS: Are you really sure your steam install is clean? no left-overs?

    Good luck.
  4. Bradley Wint

    Bradley Wint

    Most likely there must have been some fragments in your PC registry causing it to appear as being still installed. If you do it again it such a manner, I guess you can either use a registry cleaning prog to erase the extra bits or if you know what you are doing, go into the registry yourself and delete the install info.
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